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    Talking Beyond The Flightline debuts in March

    RCFlightline's "Beyond The Flightline" Podcast Bring Aboard Co-Pilot; David Dicey of "RCFreakPodcast"
    New Shows Hosted By Dicey Will Feature Enhanced Product Reviews And Interviews

    INTERNET CLOUD, USA (February 9, 2012) – RCFlightline, a company dedicated to flight using radio controlled aircraft, has just announced the production of a new podcast called "Beyond The Flightline" featuring David Dicey. Dicey's "RCFreakPodcast" is one of the most downloaded in its genre on the web - garnering an average of 6,000 downloads per episode. RCFlightline, a family centered company and the best online destination for high-flying fun, offers one of the most exhaustive portals on the web for anyone and everyone looking to turn their love of aviation into a thrilling hobby.

    Combining Forces & Resources To Create The Best Flight Hobby Podcast On The Web

    According to Todd Carrison, Founder of RCFlightline, this new and improved "Beyond The Flightline" podcast is the perfect marriage of content and charisma. In fact, he expects that by offering up over 60 past episodes of "RC Freak" at for RCF's over 500 Facebook Fans and nearly 2,000 Twitter followers, fans of both Dicey and high flying fun in general will only continue to grow. Carrison said of Dicey, "David's interest in all things relating to flight is unmatched on the web - and it's downright infectious. Who better to host our new and improved podcast?" Carrison then predicted, "With the resources of RCFlightline at his back, we expect the new and improved 'Beyond The Flightline' podcast to be a dynamic show that feels familiar to long-time listeners and exciting to new ones. If it flies, we'll talk about it - and with our collective access to industry insiders and enthusiasts, there just won't be a more exhaustive flight-related podcast on the web".

    New "Beyond The Flightline" Podcasts Will Air Every Month

    "Beyond The Flightline", the new and improved podcast hosted by David Dicey and produced by RCFlightline will be available to any online listeners interested in learning more about Radio Controlled Aircraft. Listeners will be able to access new episodes of "Beyond The Flightline" each month, either via streaming or downloadable audio. On the go listeners can also use RCFlightline's Android or Apple applications. Additionally, conversations can continue off-air after each podcast via dedicated forums available at

    This press release is also located here.
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    Thank you Todd. I look forward to recording the first episode very soon and hope everyone enjoys the new show! I encourage everyone to contact me with ideas for what they would like to hear on the show.




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